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4 Tips to Find The Perfect Summer Dress For Your Body Shape

Finding one summer dress is a piece of cake. Finding the RIGHT summer dress that does not obscure your body shape yet flatters you can be a challenging feat. It is paramount to consider styles that accentuates your physique, that boosts yourself with an air of confidence, bringing out the best version of yourself. Not sure where to start? Here’s 4 tips from Thread Theory Tells to kickstart your summer dress discovery journey!

  1. Go for the florals & patterns

    One of the biggest fashion misconceptions is that loud and colorful prints are unflattering for all body types. In fact, loud prints can take the attention away from problem areas and liven up any ensemble. Combine draping, a sophisticated and elegant concept that complements any body type! Still not convinced? Check out our One Day in Jeju Padded Dress (Cream/Black) to test the theory!

  2. ‘Fit & Flare’

    Incorporating a body-skimming top and an illusion of a full skirt, it helps create a perfect hourglass shape that is one of the most complimentary dress silhouettes ladies can don. Just like our Babyface Embroidered Dress (Powder Blue/White) or the Love At First Sight Dress (Black/White), it is waist accentuated which enhances the smallest part of your midsection, bringing out the best of every body shape! Here’s a plus point: the additional embroidery details on both dresses highlight the natural elegancy that any woman gives off!

  3. Vibe Check!

    Summer season is basically a cheat code for all ladies to explore a plethora of dresses. Seek clarity on which dress passes your ‘vibe check’ by daringly going out of your comfort zone and dressing in styles you never would have 5 years ago! Garden-core? Our Language of Flowers Dress (Spring) hits the sweet spot; Cottagecore? Bring forward the Girl Next Door Dress (Sand Embroidery/Apricot Cheeks); or even something more Barbie, sweet girl coded, slay it with the Make A Wish Bow-back Dress (Pink/Sand Stripes)! You name it, we have it!

  4. Back to Basics

    As much as we preach about stepping out of our comfort zones for more daring styles, sometimes, its nice to fall back to the basics or something we’re so used to. After all, it has brought our wardrobe this far right? Our minimalist collection gave ‘basics’ a flavor twist by incorporating a utilitarian concept. Casual yet classy, the Utilitarian Double Zip Dress (Black/White) ticks off both requirement checkboxes of basic & minimalist! Otherwise, consider pairing any basic top with our Paradigm Multi-Way Double Zip Skirt (White/Black) for an organic cargo look.

    At the end of the day, a perfect dress is after all, one that you should feel an instant connection with. With summer coming to an end, we hope this mini guide by us gave you a stepping stone to start your journey of finding your perfect dress for the next summer!

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