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Do I need to sign up in order to make a purchase?

Yes! Being our member will allow you to order without having to fill in your details every time you shop with us. It will also give you benefits such as order tracking, regular newsletters, and first-hand news of our exclusive discounts and special offers! You can sign up right now, or you can start shopping straight away and set your account up when you check out, whichever suits you best.

How do I make a purchase?

Simply click on the item you wish to purchase, input in the quantity, size (if applicable) and click 'Add To Bag'.

A small window will appear and you can either choose to 'View Bag' or 'Continue Shopping'.

If you would like to purchase more items, please click 'Continue Shopping' and continue to add the respective items you would like to purchase to your bag.

Once you are done with shopping, please go to your bag by either clicking 'View Bag' or 'My Bag' on the top right-hand corner of our site. You will be redirected to our shopping cart page.

Click 'Check Out' and either log in to your account or sign up as a new member to proceed with the purchase.

Proceed to choose your payment method and click 'Place Order'. Please remember tick 'I agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy' in order to proceed.

Your item(s) will be on hold for you for 12 hours whilst you proceed to make payment via the various methods of payment accepted. Please refer to here for more details on payment. 

NOTE: Please note that by adding item(s) into your cart, it does not signify you have successfully purchased the item(s). Item(s) is only secured upon submission of payment details.

What if I cannot make payment within the time frame?

The system only holds an item for a limited time (immediate for Credit Card via Stripe orders, 12-hour for local i-Banking / PayNow / ATM orders) after the customer has successfully check out the items and receive an automated Order Confirmation email from the system. Once payment details are submitted and payment is verified as received, the order is successfully placed and taken in.

If the payment details are not received within the stipulated time frame, your order will be automatically cancelled. Please re-add and check out the item(s) in your cart under a new Order ID and make payment within your next time frame. 

Can I change my payment method after checking out my order?

Unfortunately, we are unable to change payment methods manually after orders has been checked out. Please re-add and check out the item(s) in your cart and email us to cancel your first order. 

I want to make payment using credit/debit cards, which payment method should I choose?

You have to select Stripe payment method. Stripe is a payment processor and you do not need an account with Stripe in order to make payment. You can simply follow the steps below:

  • Select "Stripe" under Payment Methods at check-out page
  • Click "Review Order" to proceed to the next page
  • After checking that all details are correct, please click "Submit Order"
  • You will be directed to the payment page where you can key in your credit card details and click on the blue icon "Pay SGD XXX".
  • If payment is successful, you will arrive a page that states "Thank you for your payment!". You will also receive an automated email that states that your order is currently processing.

How do I retrieve the payment link?

For internet banking / PayNow / ATM, you should receive an automated email upon checking out your items. Under the Order Confirmation email, please click on the link found in the email.

I have added an item into my shopping cart, why has it disappeared?

If an item is no longer in your cart, it means that it is either temporarily unavailable or sold out. It is possible that another customer check out and paid for the item earlier. Our system works to prioritise orders that are checked out successfully first and does not do cart reservations. Hence, individual(s) may still manage to add items simultaneously while another is checking out. On the flip side, if a buyer is slower at adding item to cart but is quicker to check out than another buyer, then she will have a better chance at securing the items. Items are only reserved for a limited time frame when it has been successfully checked out and an automated Order Confirmation email from the system is sent. If payment details are not received within the stipulated time frame, the item will released for sale again. If you join the waiting list, the system will automatically and immediately inform you should the item be released due to late/non-payment by other buyers. 

How do I join the waiting list?

Kindly click on the product page, click on the size you would like to purchase, key in your email and click on 'Notify Me' to be informed once the product is back instock or when we open backorders for it. Do kindly add to your contact list so that our emails do not land in your junk folder.

I have made payment but why is my order cancelled?

Your order may have been automatically cancelled by the system if it detects no input of payment details either due to non-submission of payment details or payment gateway error. 

For payment via internet banking, you will have to submit the payment details directly onto our website for our system to recognise that payment has been made. If your order has been cancelled due to non-submission of payment details, you can follow the steps below:

1) Re-check out the same item(s) under a new Order ID
2) Select 'Internet Banking / PayNow / ATM Transfer'
3) Update the payment details directly onto our website (e.g: IB Nick, Amount). If you have accidentally closed the page, you can retrieve the payment link under your order confirmation email
4) Thereafter, we will change your Order Status from 'Verifying Payment' to 'Processing'

If the item has since been sold out, please email our team at

If you have successfully made payment via Stripe but the order was still cancelled, please email our team at with your Order ID number and we'd be happy to assist!

How do I know if the items will fit me?

We have both free-sized and sized apparels and measurements for each product will be provided under 'Size Guide' when you click on a product. Please refer to our Size Guide for more details on how to interpret the measurements. 

The range in measurement reflects the smallest approximate measurement taken when an apparel is laid flat and unstretched, while the largest approximate measurement is taken when an apparel is stretched to its maximum. Measurements stated are taken across an apparel (and not the circumference) at respective areas and they are all in inches. In the event that items do not fit, you may refer to our Return Policy to check if your item is applicable for returns and for more details on how to proceed.

Do you provide customisation?

Unfortunately, we are unable to produce 1 piece of a certain size for any design as this would be considered customisation, which is only offered by smaller bespoke tailors. There is a minimum quantity required for production as our products are designed and manufactured solely by The Thread Theory. If you have any feedback on product offerings and design to share with our design team, you can email us at Thank you!

How do I reset password for my member account?

Click "Forgot Password" at the Login page OR log into your member account and change password under "Edit Account". You may leave the Old Password Field blank when resetting your password.

If you have any further queries, please email us at and we'll be happy to help! :)

What is a Backorder?

We usually open backorders for popular items that were previously sold out. Backorder refers to an item that is currently out-of-stock, and our factory is still in the process of re-making new stocks for the design. The estimated time of arrival for the new batch of stocks are usually reflected on the product page.

If you like to join a backorder, you can select your preferred size, check out the items, complete and submit payment details for the chosen backorder. A piece is then reserved for you and will be mailed to you once the full stocks arrive. If all backorder slots are full and you cannot check out your preferred size, it means that all incoming stocks have been reserved. Stock/slot reservation is based on first-payment basis and we can only take in orders for paid backorders. In the event of failed backorder(s) due to material shortage, we will provide a full refund. Please kindly that there will be no refund for customers who back out of an existing backorder.

How to use my Store Credits?

At the checkout page:

Step 1) Choose your shipping method, click “CONTINUE TO CREDITS & REWARDS”
Step 2) Under Store Credit field, tick “USE MY CREDIT TODAY”, Key in the amount and click “APPLY”
Final) Double check that the store credit has been  deducted off the final amount

Please find the attached screenshot to guide you along. 

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