TT23215-GX WHT 12M-18M

Gong Xi By The Bay Junior Dress (White)

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Made of quality lightweight and breathable cotton polyester:

  • Lined from waist down
  • Slight sheer
  • Placement of print varies from piece to piece.

Garment Care: Hand-wash separately with mild detergent only. 


Our Print Story:

一帆风顺 (yī fān fēng shùn) is a mandarin phrase that means "May all that you do go smoothly" or "May you have fair winds and following seas." It's considered a lucky phrase wishing someone success in their endeavors, like having strong favorable winds propelling the sails of a ship.

In this original print, sailboats and ships of different sizes represent wishing for a smooth-sailing year ahead. Various iconic landmarks of Singapore are included as a tribute to our island-city, the anchor for the explorer in us.

We hope that this nautical theme and Singaporean landmarks will convey blessings for a fortuitous and successful year ahead.

Fun activity: Get your little one to identify the different types of boats and icons of Singapore! Toa Payoh Dragon Playground, Johor Strait Lighthouse, Fort Canning Lighthouse, HDB, MRT, Singapore Flyer, East Coast Beach, Green benches and dustbins


9" to 10.5"

9" to 10.5" 21"


9.25" to 10.75" 9.25" to 10.75" 21.5"


9.5" to 11" 9.5" to 11" 22"


10" to 11.5" 10" to 11.5" 23"
4Y-5Y 10.5" to 12" 10.5" to 12" 24"
5Y-6Y 11" to 12.5" 11" to 12.5" 25"
6Y-7Y 11.5" to 13" 11.5" to 13" 26"
7Y-8Y 12" to 13.5" 12" to 13.5" 27"
8Y-9Y 12.5" to 14" 12.5" to 14" 28"
9Y-10Y 13" to 14.5" 13" to 14.5" 29"
10Y-11Y 13.5" to 15" 13.5" to 15" 30"
11Y-12Y 14" to 15.5" 14" to 15.5" 31"

Model: 4.5 years old, 98cm. Wears 4Y-5Y.

For this design: Sleeved designs' PTP measurements need to be slightly bigger for allowance and comfort. Stick to your usual sizing for The Thread Theory. 

General Guide: Measurements are in inches and taken across an apparel at respective areas. Multiply by 2 for circumference measurements. Range in measurement reflects the material stretch, with the smallest approximate measurement taken when an apparel is laid flat and unstretched, and the largest approximate measurement is taken when an apparel is stretched to its maximum. We do not recommend using the maximum stretch measurement as reference as some allowance is required for comfort and movement.

How to take measurements: When measuring apparels, we recommend laying the item completely flat and measuring just across the respective area. However, when measuring your body, we recommend measuring the whole circumference and then divide by 2 to compare with the product measurements. For example, to get your PTP measurement, measure the whole circumference of your armpit area (above bust line) and then divide by 2. Please note that PTP is NOT the same as bust which is taken across the broadest part of your chest.

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