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Maxi, Midi, Mini; What Are the Differences?

Have you ever found yourself googling ‘midi dress meaning’, ‘how long is a maxi dress’, ‘can petite people wear maxi’? I am sure these are common questions found in everyone’s search histories at least once, but the fact that you’ve clicked into this article meant those answers from Quora certainly did not debunk your confusions. Well then, Thread Theory Tells is here with this mini guide to clarify any doubts!

  • Mini Dresses

    A mini dress has a hemline that ends anywhere above the knees and is actually considered the most versatile of them all. It can take you from beach to bar with just a simple change in accessories, shoes & styling. Bun up your hair while donning the Dreamboat Dress (White/Red) and to the yacht you go! Have candlelight dinner plans afterwards? Drop your bun, match the dress up with an elegant pair of heels and you’re ready to sweep your partner off his feet. Not to mention, mini dresses give off the illusion of longer legs, which certainly can’t be a bad thing for anyone! Check out our other mini dresses including the XOXO Babydoll Textured Dress (Peachy Pink) & Swing Swing Mini Dress available in assorted colors!

  • Midi Dresses

    Midi dresses has hemlines that end somewhere mid-calves to just above the ankle and has been increasingly popular over the years. Available in diverse styles & being complimentary to all body types, they are suitable for almost every social occasion. The Timeless Smocked 2-Way Dress (Olive/White) can be worn for dress-down office days, casual picnic dates or even a trip to the museum. Its perfect length lifts up confidence and eliminates the need to worry about whether it fits your physique. One should definitely have at least one piece of midi dress in their closets, if not more!

  • Maxi Dresses

    Ending slightly below the ankles, maxi dresses have the longest of the hemlines. Complementing Bohemian styles, our Endless Flow Convertible Dress (Forest Green/Navy) or Cadence Cut-Out Dress (Mustard/Ivory Floral) are a fail safe for both formal and social settings! Boho frocks can very well serve stunning looks on beach parties & evening dinners all in just one day! Contrary to popular belief, petite individuals can have their fair share of maxi dresses, you just have to find the right one, one that hugs your natural curves like our Crossroads Maxi Dress (Ercu/Black) to give off the same feminine look. Easy, effortless yet elegant, maxi dresses are certainly the dresses you should not miss out on!

    Now, I bet you’re spoilt for choices and can’t settle for just one type of dress! Just like the saying, the more the merrier, step out of your comfort zone and give all 3 types of dresses a shot, and you might just find the right ones.

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