TT23225-PL RED 3M-6M

Of Peace and Love Baby Onesie (Red)

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Made of quality lightweight and breathable cotton polyester:

  • Non sheer
  • Functional buttons
  • Placement of print varies from piece to piece.

Garment Care: Hand-wash separately with mild detergent only. 


Our Print Story:

四季平安, 鸽传吉祥 (Sì jì píng ān, gē zhuǎn jí xiáng) means "Peace in all four seasons, with doves bearing blessings."

For this original porcelain print, we focus on ringing in the new year with symbols of harmony and abundance for the family in all seasons. Doves bring positivity and fruits like apples, oranges and pears depict plentiful rewards to come. Lavender flowers add a touch of joy and fortune. Leaves sway in the seasonal wind, signaling new beginnings.

Together these elements convey traditional Chinese wishes for the Spring Festival - peace in all four seasons and abundant blessings. May your days be filled with good cheer and fortune throughout the year!

3M-6M 6M-12M




16" 17"

Model: 9 months old wearing 6M-12M size. 

For this design: Sleeved designs' PTP measurements need to be slightly bigger for allowance and comfort. Stick to your usual sizing for The Thread Theory. 

General Guide: Measurements are in inches and taken across an apparel at respective areas. Multiply by 2 for circumference measurements. Range in measurement reflects the material stretch, with the smallest approximate measurement taken when an apparel is laid flat and unstretched, and the largest approximate measurement is taken when an apparel is stretched to its maximum. We do not recommend using the maximum stretch measurement as reference as some allowance is required for comfort and movement.

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